Native American Danielle!

Hi all,

Will keep this short and sweet as I have already posted a mammoth post today. This is how I wanted my previous post to end but I ended up getting carried away writing about comics…

Anyway… basically I wanted to find an artist who could draw me for a blog avatar/twitter profile picture. I came across Darker & June and began talking to them about what I would like on twitter. (See links to blog, Facebook & Twitter below)

I sent them a few pictures of myself and a few notes about how I was a games tester and I loved comics and the style of their comics was really cool. They have 3 comics that they are working on and hope to publish soon.

RUIN is a graphic novel about a nomadic survivalist trying to make ends meet in a future dystopia after humans have destroyed the civilization they worked so hard to build, leaving only a vast wasteland of primal human behavior with little hope for repair. Dystopian

After one fateful encounter at a rare bookstore Wicker, a young outcast who prefers the fringe, is set on an adventure she never could have imagined.  Unwittingly, she recites a spell from the Book of Shadows given to her by a witch, binding her soul to a wraith entity who was scouring the astral plane searching for his murderer.  Magic

When lowbrow con-man Ryder’s dirty deeds catch up to him, his past is more than he and his new wife Adora bargained for. The Hardin gang tracks Ryder down to settle an old debt just as he’s starting his new life. Cowboys & Indians

Anyway when my picture came through, I was so overwhelmed, I absolutely loved it. I immediately made it my profile picture everywhere, as I am sure you have seen.  I will post a picture of it in all it’s glory below.  What is even more awesome is that the Darker & June said they would feature me in Gutter Town as a character which is so awesome, and I am so excited to see it. I am their first Native American!

Thanks again to Darker & June and Buci Szalontay for doing such an awesome job!




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